Vivacut Features | Offers a wide range of features to help you edit your videos

Vivacut is an automated video editing software that has many features to make your videos more compelling. The best part about Vivacut is that it doesn’t require any manual intervention. All the editing functions are automated and can be done with a single click of the mouse. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

vivacut features

Vivacut is a video editing software that has a lot of features. One of the features is trimming. The software can be used to trim videos by selecting the desired part and then exporting it. It can also be used for speed shifting, reverse playback, and more. The Vivacut video editing software has many features that make it stand out from other video editing software in the market. One of these features is trimming which is used to select the desired part of a video and export it. Vivacut also has speed shifting, reverse playback, scale adjustment, among other features that make it stand out from other products in the same category.

Create the most professional videos

Vivacut is a professional video editor and an android developer who has been highly active since the year 2019. You will find two editing apps under Vivacut in the current app portfolio if you search. They are listed under the category of ‘Video Players and Editors’. Moreover, this application comes with a complete set of editing tools, and the most prominent features of Vivacut include intuitive and easy dragging and dropping options and limitless tracks of audios and videos, which generally cannot be found in a typical video editor. The above features lead you to operate video segmentation, speed shifting, trimming, scale adjustment, and reverse playback. Most professional editors who use Vivacut have never complained and have always sent positive feedback. So, why don’t we realize that this is one of the best apps that create professional videos?

Basic features to create a quality video

The best features of Vivacut include intuitive and easy-to-use, drag and drop editing facilities, and unlimited video and audio tracks. Speaking more, the multi-layer timeline is another specific speaker we should discuss. This feature holds an intuitive and sleek editing interface along with zoom for frame-by-frame precision with overlays. Do you guys make fun of text on pictures? I don’t know what app I should recommend better than this. Editing and modifying your texts on images with different fonts, emojis, color patterns, shadow and stroke, and opacity are the most excellent text features of all.

Discussing further, Vivacut is also an app with a high capacity for video editing. The features of Vivacut hold a professional method to capture a video and professionally edit it using video transitions effects and a cinematic overlay. Using the Video Adjustment feature, you can also adjust the video’s brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, color, vignette, and temperature.

The Video Clip Editing facility spreads to a vast area holding characteristics such as video trimming, splitting, merging, and controlling the speed. While merging video clips, you can use the transition effects and combine video clips.

High night video editor for professional users

If you are just a casual user who commonly uses Vivacut for your common videos, the application’s basic features are far more helpful. However, if you are looking for a high professionalized video features with excellent quality content; the basic features would not be enough. Don’t worry! Vivacut has already made a solution for that. Both primary and advanced features will be built into the application, so all you have to do is install the app, activate and start editing.

One of the notable advanced features of Vivacut is the Picture in Picture feature. This feature helps you combine various images to your video, so you will be able to experience a video that is twice attractive as the ordinary video. The blend video feature is another that includes the category. This feature helps the user use the app’s special mixers like Hard Light, Screen, Color burn, Soft light, etc.
Most the creators worry about their content due to its quality reduction. But, with the unique features of the Vivacut, it is totally worth it to give some space to this application on your device.

VFX and Transition Effects/ Animation Effects

VFX and Transition Effects

VFX stands for the Visual Special Effect. These VFX and transition effects are two of the most popular yet unique features Vivacut bears. It is super amazing to say that Vivacut provides over three hundred VFX and transition effects that are updated regularly. These fantastic features allow its users to add the latest yet trendy effects to their videos within just one tap. Amazing, isn’t it? Don’t you guys want to try this out? Come on, let’s do it.

Green Screen

You already know what a green screen actually is, right? Well, it is super cool to say that Vivacut has also added this facility to its app, which means its’ customers can create videos on a Hollywood movie level. All I got to say is that this is a color-locking solution for you guys to merge two videos into one while having the ability to control every movement on a single screen. Using patterns is not that hard. You should select two videos, logically arrange them, and green the background.

Easy to use Chroma Keying

Easy to use Chroma Keying

This characteristic is literally comparable with the post-synthesis effect of blockbusters. This feature helps you shoot green screen videos on your own without any other facility than your phone and the app installed in it. After shooting the video, you can simply use the drag and drop keying technology in order to create precise Chroma keying and build up your own professional videos with less cost.

Professional Video Masking

The masking tools also play a significant role in editing the videos professionally. The masking tools such as blurring, highlighting, overlaying, color correcting and e.t.c are commonly added to a particular part of a frame in the video. You are all facilitated to create multiple linear, radial, specular, and rectangular mask shapes. This helps you create complex graphics effects and go for great animation effects.

Video Blending Mode

Blending a video can be done using any video editor, but professionalism depends on your application to do a certain task. Vivacut has the capability to overlay two videos using more than ten blending modes. They include color filtering, positive film overlapping, multiple times, soft light, and many more. This allows the user to create a seamless artistic effect, which we usually call the ‘double exposure.’


Well, I hope you guys loved my content, and I highly recommend this app for your professional editing purposes. Vivacut provides the unique features that no one will provide you. So why won’t you just click the install button and try it on your own? Haha! Go on!!

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