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Vivacut 2022 is an amazing video editor combined with professional capabilities of video editing. The special kind of tools and pro features in Vivacut play the main role in video editing since they offer many benefits to edit the Video with better quality. Using those tools and features, you can cut, trim, split, merge, flip, and even use the multi-layer timeline to create collage pictures.

vivacut 2022

Vivacut is one of the most efficient video editing professionals in mobile applications. VivaCut is a highly recommended video editor if you are curious and concerned about editing videos in the perfect way. Yet, VivaCut is a user-friendly application where any beginner can work with. VivaCut is famous because it is just an app that does a lot of stuff pro-featured software does. All you have to do is install the mobile application, edit your videos using your phone, and don’t worry about the quality. Just tap some buttons, and Voila!

Vivacut 2022 Download

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Pro Features of VivaCut 2022 you’ll fell in love with

Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a next-level feature Vivacut introduces you. Adding extra pictures to pictures and combining photos can be easily done using this tool. This feature is way more similar to the PIP camera effect. Double Exposure is also called video blending, where you can paste a picture into another one and get an amazing effect. This app is an excellent opportunity for you when you are creating eye-catching YouTube videos.

Collage Maker

Making collage from your pictures is just a girl doing. So, girls, there are many transitions you can use to make your collage the perfect one. Make your Collage! Just share them on social media! Make them go viral, and let sweet boys text you! Ha Ha! I was Just kidding!

Multi-overlay options

Overlay options make you customize the layers using tools like opacity and blending. These powerful blending tools will ultimately result in you with a mix of stunning video clips merged creatively. The powerful blending such as color burn, hard lights, and soft lights will give a perfect look to your Video. This option is one of the viral features in the VivaCut app.


Vivacut brings to light a wide collection of stickers and even customized ones. You can use the Sticker Maker app to make your customized stickers.

Voice Effects

You can use numerous kinds of voice effects for your videos to sound funny and serious, like the chipmunk voice effect, deep voice effect, high and low voice effects, and distorted voice effects.

Saving options and sharing ways

You can export your videos in customized resolutions, which means you can customize the saving options. Besides, you can export them in quality by saving them in high resolutions; 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Quality videos always give a professional look to your videos. 


Generally speaking, Vivacut is an exceptional opportunity to show off your creativity to the world. Plus, this is a cost-effective thing since it will cost you big money if you use the software. Nowadays, many people use advanced PC software to create videos like YouTube videos, create travel videos, and edit videos with beautiful moments. Still, I highly recommend this VivaCut app which will fulfill your every need. Just try it for yourself. Download it immediately.

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