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VivaCut is a pro video editor with all the video editing features for Android and iOS devices. With VivaCut app you can cut, trim, split if the videos are long, flip, and use a multi-layer timeline to create amazing collage pictures.


VivaCut is one of the most special and famous video editing pro app among other video editors. This is one of the most recommended mobile applications if you are curious and concerned about editing videos more perfectly. Unlike in other pro PC Software, you don’t have to waste time or know-how to edit videos using professional and advance software. All you have to do is install the mobile application and edit your videos on your phone. No worries and your video will be of high quality as you used advanced PC Software.

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APP NameVivaCut
APK Size124MB
Latest versionv3.6.6
DeveloperVivaCut professional

Pro video editing tools and features of Vivacut

Editing your Green Screen video as a Professional

Multi-layer timeline, Green Screen and Chroma Key can be described as special features that Vivacut facilitates you. Many professionals in video editing use these features to create cinematic videos and music for social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Cutting, Splitting, Chroma Keying, Combining, and Merging video clips open the gates for better quality and a creative video.

Key Frame Animation

Key Frame Animation can also be described as a professional feature where we can also introduce it as Pro Aesthetic Video Editor. This feature provides you with the facility to apply masks (Mirror, linear, rectangle, radial, oval, etc.), collage your video, add texts, add stickers, add emoji and create slide shows, and many more. Key Frame Animation can be interpreted as the creative maker of Vivacut since it provides many features to make your video more creative.

Music Effects

Music has always been a part of our lives. We unknowingly switch to music at different times and situations. Vivacut can also be said to a pro video editor with perfect music effects. The function named Music Maker provides you with music to add your video to flow the video with a bit of music which is interesting than watching the video without music. It marks the track then adds effects according to the rhythm of the music. You can watch music videos, movies & TV Shows using Cinema HD. This is available for Android users. Download Cinema HD v2 APK and install it for all its features.

Audio Extractions

Audio extraction is another powerful feature Vivacut provides its users. This feature extracts sounds, music, or audio from the video so you will be able to perfectly and easily add a piece of lovely music to the video to flow with it, without any troubles.

Numerous kinds of editing tools

Using the editing tools of Vivacut, you can cut and trim videos according to your preference. If there are any parts to delete, you can cut them and make the video look better and professional. Cutting, Trimming, Merging, Cropping, Filtering, etc., can be done using these professional Vivacut editing tools.

Splicing Videos

Splice Videos is a new feature offered by Vivacut where you can split your video into parts to share them on your social media accounts. Split, optimize and share.


Merging also called combining video clips also can be taken as an innovative feature of Vivacut. Merging one or more clips to the existing video is called combining, and this ultimately results in a stunning video with many video clips. You can use this function when you make travel videos where you can merge video clips that have been taken in many places. You can also use this feature for parties like birthdays and cocktail parties where you have fun with your friends and family.

Speed Controlling

Speed Controlling feature is one of the main features when it comes to video editing. Vivacut provides you with the facility to control the motions, which are fast and slow so that the video will be released as a professional one. Many people use this motion function in their videos to make their videos fantastic. This feature is famous among people who edit videos and create movies. It gives your video a professional movie look.

How to install Vivacut APK to Android?

You can directly install vivacut to your android device from Google play store. If not you can install vivacut apk file manually to your android device. To do that correctly follow below steps.

01. First download vivacut APK file from the above download links.

02. Then enable unknown sources from the security settings of your android device.

vivacut unknown sources

03. Now open the download vivacut APK file from the downloads folder and click on “install” button.

vivacut install

04. Within few seconds the installation the installation process will be completed.

vivacut installed

05. Now you enjoy vivacut pro video editor on your android device.

vivacut pro video editor


How to Install vivacut for PC?

Similar to LokLok, Kinemaster and ViVaVideo, you can also download the vivacut app on your pc with an android emulator.

Follow the below instructions

  1.     Use a third party emulator to download this application in your PC.
  2.     Nox Player is a better emulator to do this task more perfectly.
  3.     Download the android emulator for your MAC or Windows PC using direct downloading links.
  4.     Then double tap and launch the application.
  5.     Once it is redirected to the emulator home screen install vivacut app from the Google play store or download the APK file from this website for free.
  6.     Then after few minutes the installation process will be completed.
  7.     You are now free to enjoy the Vivacut app in your PC.

vivacut for pc

Pro features of Vivacut that you will fell in love with

Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a next-level feature Vivacut introduces its users. Adding pictures in pictures and combining photos can be done using this feature. This feature is similar to the PIP camera effect. This amazing double exposure feature can also be called video blending, where you can paste a picture into another picture. This is an excellent opportunity for you when you are creating eye-catching YouTube videos.

Collage Making

Making collage pictures from your pictures is something that most girls do. They usually take pictures of every event and make one photo adding all the pictures they took. So, don’t you think Collage is the perfect match to do this task? There are many transitions you can use to make your Collage the most perfect one of all. Collage, share them on social media, and make them go viral!

Multi- overlay options

Overlay options make you customize the layers using tools like opacity and blending. These powerful blending tools will ultimately provide you with a mix of stunning video clips merged in the most perfect way. The powerful blending such as colour burn, hard lights, and soft lights will make your video more glowing and stunning.


Vivacut introduces a wide range of stickers and even customized stickers. You can use the Sticker Maker app to make your customized stickers.

Voice Effects

There are many voice effects you can use in your videos, such as chipmunk voice effects, deep voice effects, high and low voice effects, and distorted voice effects.

Saving options and sharing ways

  • You can export your videos in customized resolutions. Besides, you can export them in the most quality manner by saving your videos in high resolutions; 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Quality videos always give a professional look to your videos.  Vivacut provides you the facility to customize the resolutions and save them in high resolutions to keep them a long time.
  • You can rename your video and assign a better name for the video as your preferences. Rename in a suitable, eye-catching name, so it will go viral among social media.
  • Another amazing feature is that you can save your videos directly to the gallery along with the transition effects, you made to your video. All you need is just one tap to share your finished product on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  •  It doesn’t matter whether you create this video to share on any social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Line Stories, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any since you can save your video in any ratio (1.1, 3.4, 4.3, 4.5, 1.91.1, 16.9, 9.16, etc.). You can also save your video in both portrait mode and landscape mode. You can even save your video in fit screen mode, which will perfectly fit your video into your phone screen.

Features to come

         You can select and undo the steps of your videos so you can correct them and recreate the video in a way better way.

  •       Animated texts help you to type anything you want on the top of your video.
  •       You can add multiple layers where you can use these functions in order to make YouTube videos.
  •       Vivacut supports FX Plugin, where you can now make better video effects than ever.

Best Video Editor ever

Multi-layer timeline

A multi-layer timeline is one of the best features Vivacut brings to light. According to Wikipedia, a multi-layer timeline can be interpreted as a chronological display of a simple edited sequence of a non-linear editing system. This feature could be introduced as an intuitive and sleek editing interface along with the zooming frame by frame precision plus overlay video editing.

You are free to edit, modify and duplicate in an accessible style manner using the given numerous kinds of fonts and emoji, creative tools such as strokes, shades, shadows, opacity, colour, etc.

Video Transitions

Video Transitions are another feature Vivacut provides its users. Using transition effects, the user will be able to create incredible videos with cinematic overlays and many more.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, video quality, and other controls by using the Video adjustment feature. These adjustments will give your video a professional and quality look.

Beautiful filters and effects

Controllable and adjustable filters and effects provide you with the facility to add your video to a different look. There are hundreds of filters in Vivacut where you can use them in different situations: situations such as live conditions, events, parties, and occasions. There are different features for particular situations such as parties like Birthday parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween Parties, Weddings, Homecomings, and many more. Besides, separate filters add for sceneries such as beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers.

Music effects

Adding music to your video makes it more creative and exciting. There is much copyright free music where you can add them to your video to make it more creative. Adding music and transitions is the best way to make your video more creative.

The Glitch effect

The glitch effect is another way to make your video more creative. Many TikTok lovers use this effect in their TikTok videos. There are waves and stripes where you can select what you love to add to the video you created.

Pros and Cons

Vivacut is a safe and legal app. The application is verified in Google Play Protect. It is very supportive and cooperates with any editing task you involve.


Vivacut is an Android mobile app that can be named a professional video editor that has been well poised to compete with any famous and professional video editing app. Its perfect and unique features, such as Chroma key and Multi-layer timeline features, add more value than other video editing apps in the Android app market. These eye-catching features make the users fall in love with the app when they start to create videos using Vivacut.

Vivacut is a fantastic app that has won over 10 million hearts around the world. The Vivacut professional video editing team has been offered and has officially been released on the 27th of June 2019. 

The app has been quite famous for its unique features and facilities. You should permit access to certain areas in your phone such as contacts, storage, and the other regions to have the best experience from the application. Besides, you can disable access permissions anytime you need. You can disable them from the settings.

Well, honestly, I think VivaCut is an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity to the world without spending much money. Through creating videos, animations, slideshows, etc., you will be able to pop up the skill you got. Many people nowadays use advanced PC softwares to create their videos, create travel videos, edit videos with beautiful moments. Still, none of them has ever known that the same task could be done using a simple mobile application with the same quality. Even though the phone’s associated with a bit of performance, using VivaCut, you will be able to take the best of the app without using extra money or extra effort. Many social media influencers have used VivaCut in order to create their videos, travel videos, videos of functions like birthday parties, events, special occasions, concerts, sceneries, and many more.